TESTED: The Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS-B Carbon Fiber Folder By: Joshua Swanagon


When it comes to some of the coolest EDC items on the market, Prometheus Design Werx tops the list. They have a reputation for incredible designs and excellent construction. Not to mention high-end materials. Along with the typical EDC fare, the company also releases knives that have all the familiar hallmarks of quality as its other products. An example is the SPD edition of the STS-B folder.

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The Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS-B Carbon Fiber Folder

Featuring design inspiration from the Loveless Chute Knife, the SPD STS-B addresses the needs first brought forth by Harry Archer. Archer is the man who initially commissioned the chute knife concept to Loveless. He was looking for an all-around edged tool that could cut parachute lines, aid in wilderness survival, be used for personal safety/defense, etc. This homage to the legendary pattern puts Archer’s vision into a modern, highly detailed purpose driven framelock folder.

The SPD STS-B features a Chute Knife style clip point blade and has an 8.1-inches overall length.

Riding on a titanium frame, the SPD (Special Projects Division) STS-B utilizes G-10 or carbon fiber handle scales. The G-10 version comes with two sets of interchangeable scales so that you can personalize yours based on personal preference. Both the G-10 and carbon fiber scales feature five fullers running along both sides for additional retention.

The Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS features a rounded spine for comfort, with subtle, tight jimping for retention.

Featuring an integrated titanium bolster style construction, the scales run just under two-thirds the length of the grip. Additionally, the grip itself swells slightly on each side for comfortable, hand-filling ergonomics. Likewise, the bolster contains a finger notch and a slight upper and lower guard to aid in comfort and retention during use.

Utilizing a distinct clip point blade made in premium böhler m390, the 3.50-inch blade has an aggressive swedge that runs the length of the clip point. As a result, the SPD STS-B has great penetration capabilities. The blade is held closed via a ceramic ball detent and is brought to bear on ceramic bearings in bronze cages and stainless-steel pivot.

A frame lock keeps the knife in full lockup during use.

It’s opened to its full 8.1-inch overall length utilizing ambidextrous dual thumbstuds with dive watch grade, Strontium Aluminate Glow-In-The-Dark cabochons. Once open, it is held in lockup via the titanium frame lock, with a steel insert for longevity.

The SPD STS-B is carried in the pocket with the titanium billet pocket clip, set up for right-hand tip-up carry.

With subtle jimping on the frame and back spacer, the SPD STS also has an internal lanyard pin at the butt.

In The Field

Beautifully matching the aesthetics of the Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS-B is its performance. I used the knife to perform a few of the different functions that I felt held true to its purpose. This includes field and utility tasks. Regarding self-defense use, I have no doubt it will perform admirably in that function.

I created a wedge for splitting small rounds for kindling with the Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS.

I started with wilderness survival and found a small, dried maple round, split a piece off it, and whittled the end into a wedge. I then moved on to a larger round and carefully started a split in the end. Once I was able to fit my wedge into the split, I used it to finish splitting the round for kindling.

I started the split with SPD STS (very lightly) and then used the wedge to finish splitting the round.

It is not recommended to baton a folding knife to split wood because it is hard on the pivot. So, making a wedge will preserve your knife in an emergency survival scenario.

Then, continuing with the fire-making theme, I took one of the pieces and carved a feather stick for tinder. The edge geometry worked really well for this, and I was able to get some very fine curls. The jimping on the handle and spine helped with retention during use, while the rounded spine kept it comfortable.

The edge geometry of the Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS was able to achieve very fine curls on a feather stick.

Next, I whittled a quick try stick, performing different various reductions and notches. The clip point tip was perfect for prying out chunks of wood for finer detail work. Likewise, the edge achieved very clean carving for nice notches. Overall, the SPD STS-B was very comfortable and easy to control during this process.

It was very comfortable while carving a try stick and the edge carved very cleanly.

I then sliced up a heavy-duty nylon military belt and some half-inch climbing rope. Even after the previous tests, I was able to slice everything cleanly and easily with no snagging or tearing.

After whittling with the Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS I was still able to cleanly cut a heavy-duty nylon military gun belt and some half-inch climbing rope.

Home Utility

After testing some of its wilderness survival capabilities, I took it home for some basic utility tests. I have already been carrying it for a couple of months and used it for just about everything, and it has performed excellently. But I still wanted some more focused tests for my reporting.

First, to test the penetration power of the tip, I took a couple of pieces of heavy-duty leather and placed them on top of a catalog. I then stabbed the tip through the leather and into the catalog, and it penetrated approximately .5-inch deep. After this, I am very confident that it would easily penetrate organic matter with little resistance.

The tip penetrated easily through two thick pieces of leather and into a catalog.

I then wanted to check the edge and see how it held up, so I cut up some corrugated cardboard. The edge was still sharp enough to slice up most of a large box without any issue. There were some points that it kind of tore, but I think it was more due to the box being hard to hold onto.

After everything I was able to cleanly slice up some corrugated cardboard with the Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS.

Finally, I received some new Nexbelt EDC gun belts and needed to resize them, which requires cutting them shorter. One is heavy-duty leather, and the other is heavy-duty nylon. So, instead of using a pair of heavy scissors, I used the SPD STS-B, and it worked great. It cut each one cleanly and slid right through the material with no issues.

I used it to resize two Nexbelt EDC belts, one leather and one nylon webbing—both very heavy duty.

Functional and Comfortable

Over the months that I have been using the SPD STS-B, it has proven itself to be functional and comfortable. But to be honest, I have used Prometheus Design Werx knives before, and this seems to be a hallmark. As with all of the company’s EDC products, this is a high-quality, purpose-driven knife that gets it right.

However, also like all of the company’s EDC products, they are very popular and disappear fast. Unfortunately, Prometheus Design Werx does not plan to make the SPD STS-B with the G-10 or carbon fiber anymore. The company tends to do short runs and move on. But a Linen Micarta version was just released.

If I were you, I would go to the website and get one now because, as with everything from the company, they will go fast.

For more information, please visit PrometheusDesignWerx.com.

Prometheus Design Werx SPD STS-B Carbon Fiber Specs

Blade Material: Premium Böhler M390
Blade Length: 3.50 inches
Closed Length: 4.1 inches
Overall Length: 8.1 inches
Blade Thickness: 0.150 inch
Blade Finish: Fine Matte Ceramic Bead Peened Finish
Frame Material: Titanium
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 4.1 ounces
Handle Thickness: 0.5125 inch
MSRP: $369.00 – $374.00

Other Features:

  • Chute Knife Type Clip Point Blade
  • Premium Böhler Stainless Steel Blade
  • Carbon Fiber Handle Scales
  • Dual Thumbstuds with Dive Watch Grade, Strontium Aluminate Glow-In-The-Dark Cabochons
  • Fine Matte Ceramic Bead Peened Finish
  • Stainless Steel Pivot
  • Ceramic Bearings in Bronze Cages
  • Ceramic Ball Detent
  • Titanium Framelocking
  • Integrated Titanium Bolster Style Handle Construction
  • Internal Lanyard Pin
  • Titanium Billet Pocket Clip
  • Blade Jimping
  • Handle Jimping
  • 5 Handle Fullers Each Side
  • SPD Kraken Trident Blade Mark
  • M390 Blade Mark

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