Springfield Hellcat Pro Review By: Harrison


Springfield Armory released their Hellcat in September 2019 and since then, the pistol has been quite a success in giving the SIG Sauer P365 a solid competitor. This is our Springfield Hellcat Pro review.

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They followed up the Springfield Armory Hellcat with the Hellcat RDP, which came stock with a HEX red-dot and compensator. This was the first micro-pistol on the market in this format, but  Springfield has now followed that up with the Hellcat Pro, which has quite a few differences from its predecessors.

The previous Hellcat pistols held 11 rounds with a flush-fit magazine. 

Springfield Hellcat Pro Left Angled

This one has a much larger grip and is designed to hold 15 rounds with the flush-fit magazine. Despite still being extremely thin. The Pro is the smallest factory 9mm gun to hold 15 rounds.

For reference, the Glock 43X and 48 are similar in size to the Hellcat Pro. But the glocks only come with 10-round OEM magazines. 

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