Smith & Wesson CSX Review By: Harrison


Smith & Wesson has recently released a brand new handgun that is a departure from what they and most of the market have been playing with for the last couple of years with the CSX. 

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Polymer striker-fired handguns have been all the rage for the last decade or so. 

SIG Sauer made a slight change to that when they introduced the SIG P320 AXG series. The AXG uses an aluminum frame as opposed to the traditional polymer frame the gun had been using. 

Smith _ Wesson CSX Review CSX Right Side

One of the most exciting developments in the market place dominated by polymer frames.

The Smith & Wesson was also originally leaked before the anticipated launch date. Was this a marketing plan on the company’s part, or was it an actual leak? 

We’ll likely never know. 

Either way, a lot of speculation was discussed on the internet about what this gun really was. 

The initial picture made it clear that this gun was a hammer-fired pistol with an aluminum frame. The leaker followed it up by letting us know that it shipped with a 10- and 12-round magazine. That’s all we really knew at first. 

Despite only having that knowledge at my disposal, I called my local gun store. They put me on the list to get the first one available. 

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