Sig P320 Compact Review By: Harrison


Today, we’re doing a Sig Sauer P320 Compact Review, the compact variant of the classic pistol that was introduced in 2014. 

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You can’t talk about the Sig P320 series without talking about the Sig P250. The P250 was introduced in 2007 with a hammer-fired double-action-only modular handgun deSign. Despite not being a commercial success, the P250 did set the stage for the later P320.

What sets the Sig Sauer P320 apart from most of its competitors is its modularity.

The P320 has a serialized fire control unit that includes the trigger, rails, and serial number of the firearm. 

Because of this, the unit is considered the serialized part of the P320. 

On most other handguns, the frame of the firearm is considered the serialized part. This difference means that one can order a variety of frames for the Compact right off the internet.

Sig P320 Compact Review 01

Because they don’t have a serial number you don’t have to undergo a background check or paperwork. 

You still only have one gun. This is not a way to get around a background check. It makes it much easier to accessorize your P320 pistol. 

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