Shadow Systems MR920 Review By: Harrison


Our Shadow Systems MR920 review covers a popular Glock clone.

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When Glock’s patents for the Gen3 system ran out, multiple companies (including Shadow Systems) started making complete guns based on that design. 

Their goal was to take the Glock Gen3 design and improve it. Making a gun that was cross-compatible with Glock parts while offering a lot more value from the factory. 

Shadow Systems MR920L Elite Review Right Side

For years, people have been taking stock Glock pistols and modifying them. Usually with lots of aftermarket parts, but Shadow Systems wanted to offer that complete package out of the box so the user didn’t have to buy anything from the aftermarket. 

The average consumer could pick the gun up at their gun store and immediately go shooting.

There are a lot of details in the Shadow Systems MR920L that we’ll go over in this review. These set it apart from a standard Gen3 Glock. We’ll help you determine if they are enough to make you buy the MR920L over any Glock factory firearm.


The Shadow Systems MR920 series is a Glock 19-sized gun. The gun we’re reviewing in this article, the MR920L, has a 19’s frame with a 17-length slide. 

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