Precision Rifle Podcasts – 4 Podcasts Hosted by Top 10 Shooters By: Cal


Hey, guys! I’ve been continuing to invest a significant amount of effort designing and building my new 100 yard underground range, which is still under construction. I’m probably 3-4 months out from completion, and I’ll provide a comprehensive update once it’s finished out and 100% complete.

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In the meantime, I’ve got several ideas for posts on topics and tips I’m excited to share. I feel like one of the biggest ones is related to podcasts, so that’s where I’ll start! In fact, some ideas for other topics came from these podcasts, so it is only fitting to start by sharing these resources.

Have you ever been at a match, and you saw a shooter there you respect – and you wished you could see what was going on in his head? What does he think about before a stage? What does he think as he takes each shot? More than just the shooting part, why is he running the gear he does? Why did he pick that bag? How does he practice? What helped him make the leap from a mid-pack shooter to one who consistently goes home with trophies?

Over the past couple of years, a few of the top rifle shooters have started publishing podcasts. To be clear, I’m not saying guys that are “good shooters,” I mean the elite guys who are literally among the top 10 precision rifle competitors in the world! If any of these guys show up at a match, you expect them to win – and if they all show up to the same match, it’s probably the season finale or AG Cup – and it will be a battle of the heavyweights!

It would be extremely rare in any sport for the guys at the very top of the leaderboards to take the time to host a podcast and openly share their knowledge, approach, and mindset with the rest of their community – but, we are fortunate in the precision rifle world for that to be true.

Each of these podcasts has a little different focus and personality, but they all provide a behind-the-scenes view of how each competitor thinks about shooting, rifles, matches, and gear. It’s basically like you are riding home from a big 2-day match with the guy who just won it. I’ve honestly got a pile of notes from these podcasts! This type of format allows them to go deep into topics, with the average episode length over an hour.

Perhaps the best part: All 4 of these podcasts from the top shooters are free! The sport of precision rifles can be expensive, but this is a way you can learn and potentially get more rounds on target without having to spend a dime! 😉

A big thank you to each of the guys who are part of these podcasts! I realize you are busy people, but I’m so grateful that you’ve invested the time and shared your thoughts with the rest of us in the shooting community. It is immensely helpful!!!

Podcasts From The Top 10 Precision Rifle Shooters

Morgun King’s Mythology of Marksmanship

Apple Podcasts Spotify

Miles To Matches Podcast with Chad Heckler and Francis Colon

I hadn’t come across this podcast before, but almost immediately after I published this a reader left a comment to let me know about one more podcast that started 3 months ago and is hosted by another one of the top 10 competitors, Chad Heckler. Chad finished 10th overall in the 2021 PRS season standings, and he also won $30,000 by taking 1st at the 2021 AG Cup. Chad’s co-host is Francis Colon, who is another outstanding competitor that I had already talked about in this article in the section about the Applied Ballistics podcast below. While I haven’t listened to any of the episodes yet, I certainly plan to! How cool is it that we have so many of the top guys in the shooting community willing to share with the rest of us?! (Thanks for mentioning it, Jason!)

Chad Heckler - 2021 AG Rifle Match Champion

Other Precision Rifle Podcasts

All the podcasts I mentioned above are hosted by one or more of the top 10 precision rifle competitors, which adds a level of credibility and experience to the content. It’s as if you are a fly on the wall and can listen in on conversations between the leading shooters in the precision rifle game.

But, there are other podcasts that may not be hosted by one of the top 10 competitors but are still noteworthy. Clearly, you don’t have to place in the top 10 season standings to have something valuable or helpful to share. So here are a few other podcasts related to precision rifles that I’ve learned from:

Applied Ballistics – The Science of Accuracy Academy Podcast

Only Available Through AB’s Website (Members Only)

The guys from Applied Ballistics, who have published the definitive books on the subject of long-range shootings and ballistics, launched a new online platform this year that they call The Science of Accuracy Academy. They still plan to publish books, but this new online academy continues the conversations about their ongoing research projects through podcasts, videos, and online discussions.

Applied Ballistics Team - Bryan Litz, Mitch Fitzpatrick, Francis Colon

We all know that Bryan Litz and the Applied Ballistics team are industry leaders when it comes to research and teaching technical topics, but these podcasts also touch more on precision rifle and ELR competitions than any of their content has before. Francis Colon joined the Applied Ballistics team in 2021 as a Lab Technician – and he is a serious PRS competitor. A few weeks ago, Francis won the 2022 K&M Precision Rifle Competition, which is the largest individual PRS rifle match of the year with 270+ competitors. Francis’s highest PRS season standings was #41 in 2020, and he also finished 4th overall at the 2021 AG Cup. So while Francis hasn’t landed in the top 10 season standings yet, he certainly seems headed in that direction! The AB team also included Chad Heckler, the 2021 AG Cup Champion, on a few podcasts. Bryan Litz is a long-range rifle competitor in his own right, having recently won the 2021 Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge, and he’s also won national and international Palma rifle competitions and holds multiple national records. Plus, Mitch Fitzpatrick from AB is also a serious ELR competitor who has been crowned the King of 2 Miles in past years, and Mitch is also very knowledgable on the gunsmithing side of things.

Unlike all the other podcasts here, there is a $9.95/month subscription required to access these podcasts. Here is what that monthly subscription gets you access to:

  • Members Only Podcasts – Already have 45 episodes published in the first 6 months of 2022, which include interviews with top shooters, highly technical topics like gyroscopic stability and ballistics programs, and more informal discussions among the AB team that they call “Fireside Chats.”
  • Exclusive Q&A – Each podcast episode has a members-only comment section where you can ask questions and get answers to ballistic-related questions.
  • Exclusive Video Content – Members can enjoy video content from Bryan Litz and team. They are adding new videos every month as they build the academy video library.
  • Bullet Data – Digital access to all the data pages for the extension list of bullets they’ve measured and tested.

Like everything that Applied Ballistics does, these podcasts are very professional. So, while we typically expect podcasts to be free, these seem worth the expense to me. For what it’s worth, I personally signed up and am paying $9.95/month out-of-pocket for access to this content.

Modern Day Sniper

Apple Podcasts