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The Black Man With a Gun Show podcast has been in existence since 2007.  It’s one of the oldest indy gun podcast in America. Coming from Maryland of all places which is not the most gun friendly places in the United States.  The show is the flagship for the new https://blanchardnetwork.com which is a small network of podcasts produced by Rev. Kenn Blanchard and his son.  

When Kenn started, the cool kids were into bulletin boards.  Then AOL 1.0 became a thing.  Most people thought if you had American Online’s email account that was all you needed and you were on the internet.  They had great marketing.  Then the creatives who were much younger were lured into MySpace.  It was finally taken over by strippers before being shut down.  

This website blackmanwithagun.com has been around since  1999.  It was created to sell his book and talk about his firearms training business.  It was created by a PhD back when HTML was a science.  It had flash and music.  It took about thirty seconds to load the home page which was a color photo he used for the cover of his book, Black Man With A Gun, (the first edition). 

black Man with a gun first editionThe photo was taken by a famous photographer he found by accident, J Miccolo Johnson.  If you had speakers on your computer (sold separately) you heard James Browns “Super Bad.”  At the time, most corporations didn’t even have websites.  Ahead of his time, Kenn was “ballin”,   while the world was planning Y2K.

Kenn plans to expand the network to include podcasts from others but it will be exclusive.  This is the second time Kenn has tried to build a network.  “It’s hard to believe I am still doing this,” he says. Podcasting is still pretty new and the medium still changing.  I have grown and learning the value I represent.  I get request daily from foreign entities trying to post on this site.  If you think making money blogging is hard work, try podcasting. 

Some think this is the next big thing till they commit to it.  

“Somehow I missed the gold rush.  I wasn’t able to quit my 9-5, get a four hour work week, buy a home in Puerto Rico, or build a school in Africa from podcasting, but I still have hope.”

This platform for podcasters looks promising and if you have a following, you should invest in it as a website alternative. 

Advertisers and sponsors welcome.

This is unique opportunity for your company to get “word of mouth advertising on steroids” through the sponsorship of all of the properties of the Blanchard Network.  

As a sponsor, your company will receive a professionally produced audio commercial played on the show of your choice, banner ads with links and personal endorsement on social media like Youtube videos, Twitter, Facebook, and personal appearances.  For more information contact Kenn at Kenn dot Blanchard at gmail dot com.

Check out these podcast: Black Man With A Gun Show, Speak Life church, and Indian Motorcycle radio TheBooks, Kenn has written.