NEW Brownells MPO 1-6×24 Scope with Illuminated Donut Reticle By: Hrachya H


Brownells have added a new LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) scope to their line of MPO (Match Precision Optic) rifle scopes. The new Brownells MPO 1-6×24 scope has an illuminated Donut reticle similar to that of the original scopes of StG77 (Steyr AUG) rifles. Like other Brownells branded scopes, this one is also manufactured in Japan. Offering it at a price of $439.99, Brownells claims that the new MPO 1-6×24 scope is the best LPVO value on the market today.

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Brownells MPO 1-6x24 Scope with Illuminated Donut Reticle (2)

The Brownells 1-6×24 Match Precision Optic with Illuminated Donut Reticle provides an uncluttered reticle, leading to rapid target acquisition and fast shots. Inspired by the reticle in the original optic provided on the Austrian StG77, the “Donut” reticle is simplistic, while still providing basic ranging capabilities. The simple Donut ring allows your eye to naturally place the target in the center, ensuring fast alignment. The addition of horizontal bars make initially leveling the scope easy, and provide indicators of the rifle’s cant when in use.

Brownells MPO 1-6x24 Scope with Illuminated Donut Reticle (1)

The illuminated Donut reticle of Brownells MPO 1-6×24 LPVO scope

As the model name suggests, the Brownells MPO 1-6×24 scope has a 1 to 6 magnification range with a 24mm objective lens. The scope is made of aluminum and has a 30mm main body diameter. The second focal plane etched reticle is powered by a single CR2032 battery and has 6 brightness settings with an off position between each setting on the brightness adjustment turret. The lenses are fully multi-coated. The reticle adjustments are in milliradians (MIL/MRAD). Both the windage and elevation have a 40 MIL adjustment range in 0.1 MIL increments. The turrets of the scope are capped. The eye relief is 3.5 inches. The overall length of the Brownells MPO 1-6×24 scope is 9.3″ and it weighs in at about one pound.

Brownells MPO 1-6x24 Scope with Illuminated Donut Reticle (7)

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the Brownells MPO 1-6×24 LPVO scope with illuminated Donut reticle is listed on the company’s website at $439.99. There is also an option with a mount that costs $539.99.

Pictures by Brownells, Inc.,

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