MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat Review By: Tom Moore


The MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat is one of the most popular shooting mats on the market.

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It’s made of high-quality materials and it’s very comfortable to use.

I’ve used this mat for several years and it’s still in great condition. The only downside is that it’s a bit bulky, but if this is the only thing I can be negative about it must be pretty good.

So lets find out below if this mat is worth having in your collection in this MidwayUSA Pro Series shooting mat review.

MIDWAYUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat

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MIDWAYUSA Competition Shooting Mat Specs

  • Dimensions 49.2 inches x 78.7 inches
  • Weight 7 lbs
  • Color Olive Green

MidwayUSA Shooting Mat Review

The MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat is a great mat for the avid rifle shooter.

To start with, this mat is longer and wider than most mats, with more robust padding which does feel nicer and it protects me from the rocks and ground and has plenty of room for me and my rifle.

It has a heavy sewn webbing which I preload my bipod, which allows me to to put a little more pressure onto my rifle as I shoot making it even more stable.

There are two accessory pockets and two pen pockets which are also handy for storing all of your shooting gear. For me, I generally will have an Allen Key, my dope cards, and my Vortex scope turret tool stored in these pockets ready if I need to do any minor adjustments to my zero.

Next is another cool thought out feature, this mat is the elbow and knee pad areas. They’re made from a lighter colored material that holds well and doesn’t get as hot in the sun. This is a big improvement over other mats I’ve used in the past where the fabric, especially if it’s a darker color, would absorb all the heat and make shooting uncomfortable.

This mat isn’t as light as some of the other mats we’ve listed on the Best Shooting Mats article, but I’m personally not using this mat in a capacity where weight matters. For me I’m taking this mat from my truck to the shooting mound where it’s staying until I’ve finished my session.

A feature which makes sense when I’m shooting for hours is the corner grommets for staking the mat down, this is a pretty grea feature especially on those windy days.

Overall, for the price, the quality and durability, I’m very happy with the MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality shooting mat.

MIDWAYUSA Shooting Mat Pros and Cons

  • Equipped with Elbow and Knee Pads
  • Water Resistant Bottom
  • Great for Range
  • Too bulky
MidwayUSA Shooting Mat Final Grade

MIDWAYUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat

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