Kyle Rittenhouse: A Teachable Moment By: kennblanchard


This is a message to all new Second Amendment Activist.

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All the cool kids are talking about Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two of them and wounding the third, during a protest police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020.  He was acquitted of all charges.  I’d like to make a few points that may have been overlooked in the Second Amendment victory and high fives. This is a teachable moment.

The Second Amendment (2A) community and the anti-stabilize America bots from foreign governments set the internet ablaze with rumors and stoked the fires celebrating the court victory.  During this time there are people and Nation States that were disappointed, and or relieved that Rittenhouse didn’t shoot a person of color to help ignite the perpetuating division of race in America.  There are more actors in our misery than most realize.  We blame the media sometimes when its bigger than that.

Older Americans (like me) that have witnessed and lived through racism and division that unfortunately still exist — offer words of wisdom now. 

It isn’t over.  

We still have tension.  I commend the new gun owner and activists today.  You are heading in the right direction.  I would like you to be aware however that you are working from a stacked deck.  You are operating against whole countries.  You are operating against a medium that likes to scare people, likes to stir the pot, for the hearts and minds and for the eyes and ears of America.

You, the new 2A activist, YouTuber and social media influencers are still operating in a time when we haven’t evolved as far as you think.  While you in your circle are enlighten, the world is not.  

As a person that has spent over thirty years fighting for human rights, please hear me when I say. 

Nobody likes a smart ass.  

Gun owners have made some incredible wins but we are still a minority.  

In any court case, or with any person, you can be right and wrong about them at the same time. Don’t gloat when a life is lost.  We will and have lost future allies and gun owners by callous, insensitive post and memes.  

Life is still precious.  All life.  You cannot make life but you can sure take it.

I’m using my self-proclaimed title as the pastor or patriots, pistoleers and paladins when I advise us to shut up about Kyle.  This is big brother, fatherly, OG recommendation spoken in love from someone that understands the culture we love and the one we live in.  

In case you missed the teachable moments allow me to recapitulate 

1. Life is precious

2. Don’t gloat on a 2A issue when someone dies

3. Foreign agents create memes and social media post to influence, persuade and fan the flames of racism discord and “Stuff” in America with lots of misinformation.  Don’t help them

4. No one likes a smart ass

5. Despite our evolution as a people we haven’t evolved as a people.  We haven’t canceled stupidity, immaturity, or racism.

Age isn’t always a factor in maturity.  We have some “old kids” doing dumb stuff still and wonder why we who have common sense, facts and history on our side aren’t as effective as we could be.  We have sabotaged ourselves for a long time but you can make a difference if you do it better than we did.    

Love ya.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard is also known as the Black Man With A Gun. has been around since 1999.  He has been podcasting since 2007.  

Check out these podcast: Black Man With A Gun Show, Speak Life church, and Indian Motorcycle radio TheBooks, Kenn has written.