GPNVG Review (Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles) By: Joseph Kocik


The GPNVG night vision is the pinnacle of night vision technology. They are the most advanced night vision goggles on the market today.

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Be warned, they are expensive. I mean very expensive.

But for the person who already owns everything and has the money, they might want to check out the GPNVG.

This post is a comprehensive GPNVG review of the night vision device and will make you wish you had a set of these.

What is the EOTech GPNVG?

GPNVG stands for Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle. They are the first set of quad tube night vision goggles and provide the user with a wider field of view.

These use a total of four tubes compared to most modern night vision goggle setups that have only two.

The GPNVG is a helmet-mounted night vision device with a wide 97-degree horizontal field of view that allows for observation and/or target identification under adverse conditions and is ruggedized for ground applications.

GPNVG Review

Individual monoculars can be detached from the system and powered with included power adapter to provide a low-profile handheld night vision monocular with onboard power supply.

These had been recently been made very popular because of video games and these are much better than standard goggles.

GPNVG Specifications

GPNVG Review

These GPNVG ground panoramic night vision goggles are heavy, but that is expective with the advantage and features these provide. They weigh 28.2 ozs by themselves and are wider than most other NVGs. With the battery pack, they will weigh slightly more.

They are 9.1″ long, 4.6″ wide, and 4.1″ high.

With the standard battery pack that is included, you should get about 8 hrs of continuous use and battery pack life. You can also carry an extra battery pack with you or purchase a larger battery pack.

All four of the monoculars and be individually focused and turn the objectives using outer channels. Their focus range is from 18″ to infinity.

GPNVG Review

The horizontal field of view is 97 degrees, which is the main selling point for the ground panoramic night vision goggle. The vertical field of view is 40 degrees which are standard for most NVG units.

There are also snap-on diopter windows available, ranging from +0.5 to -2.5, that will help the user get the best image.

The overall construction and housings are very durable and rugged.

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GPNVG Operation

The ground panoramic night vision goggle has plenty of adjustments. You can adjust the IPD, tilt, and forward and aft placement by using friction locks.

They lock up solid and you do not have to worry about them shifting.

These are designed to be helmet mounted and have an image intensified night vision device that utilizes white phosphor tube technology. Target identification and recognition are amazing.

GPNVG Review

There is a lot of contrast between the white and black image that helps the user identify and notice greater details and better visual acuity. You will be able to process more information visually with the better image the GPNVG provides.

The EOTech goggles are a modular design so that cleaning and care is easy and there is aftermarket support for upgrading and adding accessories.

These were very well thought out with being able to detach a single monocular and using it as a standalone handheld night vision scope.

GPNVG Review

This is great for recon and you do not need a heads-up display in full night vision.

The button layout is simple and well-designed. It is easy to cycle on and off and easy to find with muscle memory while wearing the panoramic night vision goggle.

Using a battery pack as the only power source is nice with the added reassurance of unplugging the cable from the side of the goggle with zero worries of accidentally turning them on or leaving them on.

GPNVG Review

There are two versions of them. The BNVS version and the ANVS version. When stowing the NVGs with the BNVS version it will not turn off automatically. The ANVS version does turn off when stowed.

These are similar weight-wise to dual PVS-14s. Proper counterbalancing is something that needs to be considered.

GPNVG Illumination

The panoramic night vision goggle is surprisingly bright and this is due to the 4 unfilled white phosphor tubes. With more tubes, they gather more ambient light which helps create a brighter image for the user.

GPNVG Review

There is a noticeable difference compared to using traditional dual nods. Using an IR illuminator is still recommended and using one in conjunction will maximize the brightness.

With the brighter view, your eyes are less strained because you are not scanning as much and you have a clear visible image.

A very functional feature was the ability to focus the outside objectives to near distances. The optics perform exceptionally well. You lose peripheral vision with your unaided eyes however the extra FOV makes it up for it for the most part.

What Comes With the GPNVG

These come in a very well-made and durable case. The is very well padded and has a large-sized carrying case that will protect the device.

It comes with a battery pack that will take four AA batteries which is pretty standard on most night vision goggles. You also get the cable that will connect the night vision unit to the battery pack.

It also comes with a standalone battery pack that can be used to power just a single tube for handheld applications. You can also get a cold weather battery pack. Having a cold weather battery pack will increase the run time in colder environments.

It also comes with all of the official documentation like the owner’s manual and a compass adapter that lets you connect a compass to the device.

Overall you get everything you need to familiarize yourself with the goggles and get started.

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Mounting the GPNVG

Having a ballistic helmet is the best way to mount the ground panoramic night vision goggles. If you are just using a bump helmet, it might be too light to counterweight the ground panoramic night vision goggles.

Also adding a counterweight might be required regardless because of the heavier weight of the four tubes.

If your setup is too light, you will feel an extra strain on your neck after extended use.

Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic SL Helmet

GPNVG Review

Protect your head while bringing some insane utility to the field by wearing a Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic SL Helmet.

This is the best helmet for mounting the GPNVG.

Team Wendy created these Helmets with a lightweight composite shell that is 15% lighter than the original EXFIL while still offering the same geometry for the best fit possible.

GPNVG Review

The Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic SL NVG-Compatible Helmet contains a Zorbium foam liner that provides 16 customizable pads in 2 different thicknesses so that you can create a secure, comfortable fit, and you can remove the center pad to accommodate any overhead communication devices.

With Cam Lock sliders, you can adjust the helmet with one hand for a secure fit. The Ballistic/SL Rail 3.0 system is 25% lighter than the original and is compatible with all EXFIL accessories.

GPNVG Review

Threat Level: Level III-A
Suspension: 4 Point Harness
Fabric/Material: Composite
Design: Army

GPNVG Review

  • Ballistic Performance: NIJ Level III-A (according to NIJ STD 0106.01/0108.01)
  • Fragment Performance: 17gr V50 greater than or equal to 2400 ft/s (731 m/s)
  • Backface Deformation: 9mm FMJ RN at 1195 ft/s (365 m/s). BFD
  • Blunt Impact Performance: Exceeds ACH Blunt Impact requirement per AR/PD10-02, 16Dec’13
  • Boltless CAM FIT Retention System:
  • Utilizes Boa Fit System for optimized stability and fit
  • Cam Lock sliders for one-handed adjustment and secure fit
  • EXFIL Ballistic/SL Rail 3.0 System:
  • 25% lighter than the original EXFIL rail
  • Compatible with all EXFIL accessories, including the EXFIL Ballistic Visor and the EXFIL Face Shield
  • Includes two Magpul M-LOK Picatinny style rails and mounting hardware
  • Includes shock cord kit for stabilizing NVG
  • Zorbium Foam Liner:
  • 16 customizable comfort pads in 2 thicknesses
  • Removable center pad to easily accommodate overhead comms
  • Wilcox SL Shroud for NVG Mounts:
  • Provides a 35% reduction in weight from the previous Wilcox W Shroud
  • Lanyard compatible
  • Light Weight Hybrid Composite Shell:
  • 15% lighter than the original EXFIL Ballistic
  • Unique EXFIL geometry adds strength while maintaining optimal fit and balance

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Biggest Downsides of the GPNVG

Heavy and expensive. All though not much heavier than other types of dual nods, the few extra ounces might be a problem for some people.

The 2 extra tubes can cause more snagging issues and have a larger and wider profile.

For half the price, you can have an awesome night vision setup so is the price of these justified?

That will depend on the person. They are better in almost every way but you definitely pay for it.

I am happy with the innovation in night vision and in ten to twenty years the GPNVG will be looked at as a stepping stone to how far night vision has come.

GPNVG Accessories

The GPNVGs just like any other night vision device is best used alongside a good laser aiming system, IR illuminator, and night vision capable optic.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to this, but I recommend using EOTech for both the illuminator and optic.

EOTech ATPIAL-C Laser Aiming System w/IR Illuminator

GPNVG Review

The best laser and IR illuminator to use with the GPNVG are the EOTech ATPIAL-C.

The EOTech ATPIAL-C Laser Aiming System w/IR Illuminator is a small and lightweight attachment that offers massive utility for your aiming needs.

GPNVG Review

These have both a 4mW visible laser and a 0.6mW – 25mW infrared laser so that you can acquire a precise aiming point at any time of day and with or without a night vision device equipped.

Also, the IR illuminator lights up your environment so that you can clearly navigate the field without emitting any visible light from your person.

GPNVG Review

With just one 3V DL 123 battery, the EOTech ATPIAL Visible/IR Aiming Laser System provides 6 hours of battery life which is plenty of time to complete your task with a sighting advantage.

Each device is Mil-Spec hardened for use on small weapons with a 1913 rail.

GPNVG Review

Beam Color: IR, Red
Laser Output: 0 – 5 mW
Wavelength: 650 nm
Attachment/Mount Type: Rail
Battery Type: 3V Lithium
Battery Life: 6 hours
Battery Quantity: 1
Length: 4.6 in
Width: 2.8 in
Height: 1.6 in
Weight: 7.5 oz
Included Accessories: Standart
Condition: New
Laser Divergence: 0.5 MRAD

GPNVG Review

  • Safety Class Output Power: 25 m IR Aim
  • Laser Output Power: .6 mW
  • 1 Beam Divergence: .5 mrad
  • Wavelength: 840 nm
  • Range: > 600 m IR Illuminator

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EOTech HWS EXPS 3 Circle Red Dot Sight

GPNVG Review

The EOTech EXPS3 Extreme Holographic Sight is the shortest, lightest holographic weapon sight on the market today, and allows for an elevated level of precision in short to medium-range tactical environments like never before.

These Red Dot Sights manufactured by EOTech deliver two-eyes open shooting ability plus a 7mm raised base for iron sight access.

GPNVG Review

The EOTech EXPS-3 Red Dot Sight features easily adjustable side buttons with a single, quick-release throw lever to easily attach or remove the sight.

The EOTech EXPS 3 Waterproof Holographic Red Dot requires 2 3/4 inches of rail space at most thanks to a shortened base.

GPNVG Review

The waterproof and fog-proof design will withstand tough environments and perform in any tactical environment and with the average battery life being between 500 to 600 hours, you can be sure the EOTech EXPS 3 Holographic Weapon Sight is ready for action at any moment, whether day or night.

GPNVG Review

Magnification: 1 x
Adjustment Type: MOA
Fogproof: Yes
Magnification Type: Fixed
Lens Finish: Fog-resistant internal optic
  • Single transverse 123 battery to reduce sight length
  • Shortened base only requires at most 2 3/4 inches of rail space
  • The battery cap and latch are eliminated and replaced with a simple O-ring, tethered cap; better sealing is achieved
  • The battery compartment is now separated from the base to allow it to hover over the delta ring of the rifle
  • Average battery life at brightness level 12 is roughly 500-600 hours
  • Side buttons, NV compatible with a single quick detach throw lever

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GPNVG Final Considerations

The GPNVG is the most iconic night vision device ever made, battle-tested by the most elite warfighters of the USA, and is arguably the most highly desired night vision goggle in existence.

They were used by Seal Team 6 during the Bin Laden raid and allow them to complete their mission successfully.

These are definitely worth it but only if you can afford them. Let’s be real though, most people will not have or want to spend 40K on night vision.

If you are lucky or smart enough to have that much disposable income, then yes you should absolutely get a GPNVG. You will be very impressed and love them.

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Can average civilians own GPNVGs?

Yes, now civilians can own GPNVGs. Until recently you needed to have credentials to be able to purchase them. That is how much of a leap in tactical advantage they gave you.

Who makes the GPNVGs?

L3 Harris Technologies is the manufacturer of the GPNVGs. EOTech also made these units but has since discontinued making them.

Are night vision goggles legal to own?

Yes, here in the United States, U.S. Persons (Citizens, or Permanent U.S. Residents) may own and use Night Vision and Thermal Optics. However, it is against the law to take these devices out of the country, unless specifically approved by the U.S. State Department with proper licensing.

Complete List of Items Mentioned

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  • GPNVG Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles
  • Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic SL Helmet
  • EOTech EXPS3

Have you ever used any NVGs?

Did you initially start with a PVS-14?

Let me know in the comments below.

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