FOAC-ILLEA Seeks a Writ of Mandamus, Declaratory and Permanent Injunctive Relief Against the PSP for PICS Delays By: Joshua Prince, Esq.


After the hearing occurring on May 12, 2022 in Firearms Owners Against Crime – Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Educational Action (FOAC-ILLEA), et al v. PSP Commissioner Evanchick, 218 MD 2022, and Commonwealth Court Judge McCullough ordering the Parties to submit additional briefing by 5PM on Monday, FOAC-ILLEA submitted its Post-Hearing Memorandum detailing the testimony and evidence of record, including PSP Lt. Keeler’s admissions that the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (“PICS”) Operations Section is currently understaffed, that they already have enough funding for 28 additional supervisors/operators but have not posted listings for the additional 20 positions (they did post openings for 8 positions), and that the average transaction time for Petitioner Landmark Firearms, LLC is 741 minutes (or 12.35 minutes) and the average transaction time for Petitioner CYA Firearms is 308 minutes (or 5.13 hours). As you will see from the Memorandum, there was a lot of interesting testimony that resulted from the hearing.

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Although the hearing was initially on FOAC-ILLEA, et al.’s request for a preliminary injunction, given the testimony that was given and the other evidence of record establishing a clear right to relief, the Petitioners filed for summary and special relief in the nature of a writ of mandamus, declaratory relief, and a permanent injunction.

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If you’re appalled by the actions of the PSP, contact your state representatives and demand that they hold the PSP accountable.

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