Elftmann Tactical Ambi Speed Safety: A Push Select By: Steph Martz


When it comes to safety mechanisms the name of the game is one, not having to break your grip, and two, speed. These days ambidextrous selectors have taken over with both short and long levers, 45 degree throws vs 90 degree full rotation, and texturing to grip that thumb or first finger knuckle. The AR-15/AR-10 Elftmann Tactical Ambi Speed Safety (ELF ASS) combines all of these additions into one easy to push over safety selector.

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First heard about from a former 75th Ranger Regiment guy, it was said to have sped up operation of the selector and handling of his firearm due to not having to break grip.

Made for standard mil-spec AR-15 and AR-10 receivers, the ELF ASS is a push selector instead of a flip enabling the shooter to not have to break their grip to change to fire or safe.elftactical.com

The Idea

When envisioning how this selector works, envision the M249/M240 platform. The safety is a simple cylinder the moves to the left and right for safe and fire. It shows a red ring for fire when shifted to the right, and no red ring when shifted to the left and on safe. The Elftmann is exactly the same concept except it is made for the AR-15/AR-10 platforms.

The M249 machine gun has the same concept of a selector as the ELF ASS. A simple push to the side changes from safe to fire.https://www.bevfitchett.us/machine-gun-m249/change.html


When moving a standard ambi-selector, grip will have to shift. Dependent on hand size the shift may be minimal but the palm will come off the grip. This push selector ensures grip won’t need to be broken at all due to pushing the button to the side and not flicking up or down. With smaller hands especially this selector is a huge help in not having to break your grip and being more efficient.

The Install

The ELF ASS works best when installed in a true mil-spec lower receiver. It uses the same grip, same selector spring, but different detent. The selector will ship with the selector and proprietary detent. The only tool needed is the screwdriver or bit that is used to remove the grip.

To install: simply remove the grip as you would normally, remove the selector spring, detent, and currently installed selector. Now, install your new ELF ASS, the new longer and thicker detent, same selector spring, and install the grip back on as normal. Your elftmann ambi-selector is now installed.

The positive about installing this selector over the other ambi-selectors on the market is that there is no small Allen keys, extra detents, extra screws, or extra anything needed to install the levers, due to it being a push button.

Note: Due to the construction and detent cutouts, this selector will NOT work with binary/three position triggers nor will it work with the hiperfire Genesis trigger.

When installing the only thing that needs to be changed out is the detent that comes with the Elftmann selector. Continue to use the same grip and selector spring as before.

Purchasing Options

This product can be purchased from multiple places such as MidwayUSA, Primary Arms, and of course, Elf tactical

Price: $39.95Finishes: Stainless Steel, Black Oxide

Note: All Elftmann Ambidextrous Speed Safety’s have a lifetime guarantee if any issues arise.