CZ SP01 Tactical Review By: Harrison


The CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical is the latest evolution of the venerable CZ 75 series, which is renowned as one of the best double-action single-action handgun models ever made. The focus will be on the Tactical model first and foremost in this CZ SP01 Tactical review.

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We’ll also touch on other SP-01 variants as they pertain to the success (or shortcomings) of the Tactical.


With 17 9mm rounds with a flush-fit magazine and 19 rounds with the included plus-two extension, the steel-framed CZ SP-01 Tactical is no slouch. 

CZ SP01 Review Magazine

The SP-01 being an all-steel pistol is definitely designed for duty or competition use.

Most handguns these days have a lighter aluminum alloy frame, but this ends up being a massive gun in terms of both size and weight. 

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