Classic Sig Sauer Pistols: Why the P220, P239, and Mosquito Still Rock By:


The Mosquito

Mosquito Pistol
Then there is the Mosquito, which covers your plinking and training needs. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

Before the P322, there was the Mosquito. The Mosquito is a .22 LR pistol that basically mimics the P-series of pistols. It has a polymer frame with an alloy slide and a safety. Other than the safety, the Mosquito is almost identical in its controls and function to the other two pistols mentioned here. It does feature a Picatinny rail for adding your favorite accessories under the front. The single-stack 10-round magazine is familiar and simple.

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Shooting the Mosquito was just as fun as it sounds. The Mosquito isn’t what I would call light, but the pistol is almost motionless as far as recoil. The trigger feels similar to the other two pistols, though the spring pressure is much lighter. It also shared the double-action function and the handsome and classic looks. The only thing this one is missing is a threaded barrel.


The Mosquito has been known for being finicky about ammo. I have found this to be true as well. In order to keep the little pistol popping, I always run high-velocity ammo through it. Ammo like Velocitors or other rounds that run at 1200+ fps offer reliable loading. Other than that, and the limited 10-round magazine capacity, the Mosquito is a great little pistol.

Classics Stick Around

These are just three of the older Sig pistols that can be found all over the world. So, while you may be fawning over the latest Spectre Comp or P320X, keep in mind that there are some truly classic pistols out there that can really make you appreciate what a pistol can be.

It’s true that they sure don’t make them like they used to, so it may not be a bad idea to grab one of these older pistols while they are still relatively easy to find. Regardless, I can guarantee you that these three aren’t going anywhere soon.