Best Handgun For Women (Complete Guide) By: Joseph Kocik


Best Handgun For Women

Smith & Wesson makes some of the best guns on the market, especially revolvers. If you want a handgun with the primary purpose of concealed carry and want to keep it simple, then this is the revolver I recommend for that.

  • Smith & Wesson Model 640
  • Smith & Wesson Model 66


  • 9mm Range Ammo (FMJ)
  • 9mm Self Defense Ammo (Hollow Points) 
  • 9mm Hybrid Ammo 


  • Crossbreed Belly Band
  • FDO Industries IWB Kydex
  • Comp-Tac IWB Hybrid


  • Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Speed Loader
  • Shield Arms Glock 43X 15-Rd Magazines
  • Handgun cleaning kit (9mm)
  • Small Handgun Safe
  • Eye Protection Glasses
  • Hearing Protection Ear Muffs


  • NRA Training Classes
  • The Well Armed Women