Beretta Tomcat Review By: Harrison


In this Beretta Tomcat review, we’re covering the 3032 Covert.  The 3032 Tomcat is a unique Beretta firearm with its most notable feature being the ability to tip up the barrel and place a round in the chamber or unload the pistol without having to rack the slide. 

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Beretta 3032 Tomcat Covert Review Right

This has set it apart from most of its .32 ACP competitors, though it’s a simple blow-back design chambered in .32 ACP (also known as 7.62 Browning). 

This covert version sets itself apart with its threaded barrel, which was designed to accept a suppressor. You could also add a compensator of some sort, but this gun is really designed to work suppressed.


The role of the Beretta Tomcat for many might be concealed carry. 

It has often been recommended for older, weaker people with arthritis due to the tip-up barrel feature, but I do think this feature is somewhat dubious for those individuals. 

Beretta 3032 Tomcat Covert Review Barrel Tipped Up

While it’s fairly easy to tip up the barrel to load or unload the gun, the double-action trigger on this gun is anything but light. Somebody who has trouble racking the slide on this firearm will also have trouble pulling the trigger. 

Due to this, I don’t think it’s a great option for people with weaker hands.

It could definitely be carried in the pocket, although it’s very fat. 

With modern .380s being very small and fairly controllable and guns like the Glock 42 being similar in profile yet slimmer and more shootable, I don’t see this gun as a good option for concealed carrier self-defense.

32 ACP

I am a big fan of the .32 ACP as I feel it has a lot of advantages over the 380 for self-defense, but unfortunately, the format of this gun isn’t suitable for self-defense. 

When you compare it to other options on the market, can it be used for self-defense? Yes. 

Is it an ideal gun for self-defense? No. 

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From there, you’re going to feel a slight spongy take-up and then just a slightly gritty break. 

When using the gun in single-action only having disengaged the safety, you’re going to see the trigger is much further back than when it’s in double-action. From there, you’re going to feel that slight bit of take-up and then that gritty break before it falls. 

Beretta 3032 Tomcat Covert Review Trigger SA

Neither of these trigger pulls are light, although the single-action trigger pull isn’t that heavy. If you’re expecting a smooth trigger like a Beretta 92 LTT, you’re going to be disappointed by this gun. The trigger is workable, but it’s not what I would call smooth.


There really aren’t a lot of aftermarket options for this gun. As we said earlier, this gun isn’t set up for self-defense.

This is going to be a gun that most people just take to the range and have fun with. You can get aftermarket grips and magazines, but there aren’t a lot of other options.


Maintaining the Beretta 3032 Tomcat is a little bit odd. 

Taking my slide off isn’t what I’d call easy, although it isn’t hard. It can require a little more fiddling to get the slide on and off properly than I would like. 

To take the gun down, you’ll want to take the magazine out and then pull back the slide, ensuring the gun is unloaded as usual. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to pull the slide back slightly and then press the barrel release lever on the side to tip the barrel up. 

With the barrel up, let the slide ride forward slowly and then tip the barrel all the way forward. Once the barrel is all the way forward, you can lift the slide off the gun. 

From there, it’s fairly easy to clean.

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