A BIG BANG In A Small Package…The 45-70 Derringer

By: Waheed UK


Have we got a special treat for you…Scott from Kentucky Ballistics has a BIG surprise in a small package, a Derringer chambered in 45-70 (I know it’s crazy)! The gun in the video is a derringer chambered in .45-70 on the top barrel and .45 LC/410 gauge on the bottom barrel. This model has been called the most powerful defensive pocket pistol in the world. It was produced by the American Derringer Corporation in Waco, Texas. This is the model 4 “Alaskan Survival Model” that has the bright polish stainless finish.

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The manufacturer warns about severe recoil; “This pistol is not suitable for women or inexperienced shooters. This gun was designed for the ultimate short range hide-out for police officers who demanded a lightweight compact pistol with one shot stopping power. This is the worlds most powerful pocket pistol. As a result of being the most powerful pocket pistol it also has the most severe recoil of any pistol… If you are not a very strong person accustomed to shooting 44 magnum pistols do not buy this gun”. This gun would be the perfect addition to any collection of interesting or unique guns.

Beneath the video I’ll place the specs on this pistol, so that you can check the out for yourself.