22lr hornet’s nest slow-motion test video will impress you!

By: Waheed UK


I come across some cool guns and ammo while running the Facebook pages Gun Junkies and For the Love of Gums. (yes, gums, not guns, because Facebook won’t let me start another gun page). I came across a shotgun round loaded with 22lr rounds and posted it to Facebook and immediately had people asking about it.

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HORNETS NES” Allows you to load 10 .22 LR cartridges and (inserting one large pistol primer) fire them through the 22 cal rifled steel barrels with one pull of the trigger in your 40mm grenade launcher. Item does not require a tax stamp. However, your M79 or M203 does. THIS IS A NEW LIMITED EDITION! (JUST IN 7/25/14) The first run of genericHornet’ss Nests is $440.00, and it’s currently sold out.

The shotgun round is a grenade launcher round and filled with 22 rounds. It is surprisingly accurate and fantastic to watch it shoot in slow motion!